Arts Award

Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that supports anyone aged up to 25 to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges in an art form - from fashion to digital art, pottery to poetry.


Through progressing through the five levels, young people get to:


  • discover the enjoyment of creating and participating in arts activities

  • experience arts events

  • develop creative and communication skills that are essential for success in 21st century life

  • explore the work of artists and craftspeople and gain insights into the professional arts world

  • gain experience and knowledge to help progress into further education and employment


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Alongside being an Arts Award centre and delivering Arts Award with our groups of young people, we are also an Arts Award Supporter and offer a range of workshops, events and experiences that can contribute to and enrich your students' Arts Award journey. 




All of our workshops can be delivered within the context of Arts Award, be used as a vehicle for students to explore different artists and movements, and experiment with a variety of art forms and methods of creating. Workshops can be delivered as standalone sessions or built into a longer project.


Our workshops can contribute to sections of the Arts Awards from Discover through to Gold that focus on students:


  • Experiencing the work of artists and arts organisations

  • Taking part in arts activities


Evidence capturing and reflection can be built into our sessions to ensure that the activity meets the needs of the Arts Award section being targeted.


On receiving your enquiry we will discuss your specific needs to ensure our workshop is as beneficial as possible to your students on their Arts Award journey. Sessions can be delivered in school or at our premises in Wigan town centre. You can view our workshops here. 

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Exhibition Visits

We are home to a gallery space and put on a programme of exhibitions by artists from across the UK, whose work links with themes of science, technology, engineering and maths. 


We offer free guided visits of our exhibitions and provide a free education pack with each exhibition that will enable teachers to build activity back at school around the exhibition visit. Your visit can be expanded to include a creative workshop inspired by the exhibition, either with a member of our team or the artist themselves. 


Exhibition visits and accompanying workshops can contribute to many sections of Arts Award from Discover through to Gold, providing students with the opportunity to:


  • Experience the work of artists and arts organisations

  • Take part in arts activities

  • Review an exhibition or arts event

  • Speak directly to a practicing artist


To find out more about our past, present, and upcoming exhibitions visit our gallery page.


Interested in free workshops or talks?


Alongside exhibition visits, we are sometimes able to offer artist-led workshops and talks to school groups for free. To be notified of upcoming exhibitions alongside these opportunities sign up to our schools mailing list.


Behind-the-scenes Visits

As an established Wigan arts organisation we can offer students valuable insight into working within the arts. We can offer group visits for students to find out about our work, receive a tour of our premises, meet the team, and have the opportunity to take part in a Q&A with our staff. All members of our team have creative degrees, have experience managing portfolio careers, and are also practicing artists working in ceramics, illustration, and digital arts. 

This will enable students to:

  • Experience the work of artists and arts organisations

  • Find out about artists and arts activities in your area and beyond, and research arts training and opportunities



For students working on their Silver or Gold Arts Awards, we can offer valuable volunteering opportunities that allow students to gain experience working within an arts organisation. Tasks that volunteers could expect to take part in are:

  • Meeting with artists to discuss upcoming projects and exhibitions

  • Designing learning materials for exhibitions

  • Preparing for and supporting workshop delivery alongside artists or our in-house facilitators

  • Designing creative workshops and activities

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