Alien Agency

Cath Garvey

This year Wigan STEAM selected Cath Garvey to undertake the Natus residency. During the residency Cath worked on a short comic entitled 'Alien Agency', which was written by Cath and her sister Sarah. The story follows Fran, an outspoken nerd who has always been too busy looking for aliens to have any friends; and Dakota, who is an alien disguised as a human.

About the Artist

Cath Garvey is a Freelance Illustrator and Animator based in Liverpool, she studied at Plymouth University where she focused on comics and animation. After University Cath began to create satirical illustrations on mental health and modern female sociology. Her work aims to quietly empower women and also offer humour on very real subjects. She also self-publishes comics and zines, and teaches comic illustration workshops across the North West.