Florum Machina

Liz Chapman

Taking its name from the Latin for flower machine, ‘Florum Machina’ presents a number of interactive sculptures, alongside a series of botanical illustrations which informed their creation. Inspired by the machines and contraptions designed by cartoonists Rube Goldberg and W. Heath Robinson, centrepiece of the exhibition ‘The Flower Machine’ is a curious blend of the organic and technological. Drawings within the machine are based on historical botanical illustrations of wild flowers and plants found around the UK - Chapman’s usage of Latin in titling the show pays homage to these original illustrations.

About the Artist

Liz Chapman experiments with both digital and analogue media to examine and document the qualitative elements of her everyday environment. Through abstracting and highlighting the patterns, weave and weft, colours and shapes that often go unnoticed in the world around us, Chapman’s work attentively demonstrates her fascination with botany,science and nature