I Shall Walk Softly There

Damaris Athene

These ethereal black and white images disconnect and re-connect us with our bodies and our reality. 'I Shall Walk Softly There' takes it's title from Theodore Roethke's 1953 poem 'The Waking' and features black and white oil paintings that take radiology scans of various cancers as their starting point. Athene explores the devastation of disease alongside the beauty of its imaging. She reveals the emotional charge of scientific imagery by capturing it in her painting, creating new dialogues with taboo and death. Her images have an abstract beauty which seems at odds with their bodily subject matter, but they fascinate by showing the closeness of the living and the abject.

About the Artist

Damaris Athene graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2015 and works across many media, exploring the corporeal and abstraction of the human form. The body becomes unrecognisable: images are re-appropriated from medicine, scale is vastly changed or body parts are digitally manipulated. The beauty in these seemingly abstract images seems at odds with their subject matter, creating a fascinating dichotomy. Athene was shortlisted for the Hans Brinker Painting Prize in Amsterdam in 2014 and was selected for the Clyde and Co Art Award in 2015. In 2017 Athene was selected for ‘Platform for Emerging Arts #15’ at the Leyden Gallery in London and held her first solo show.