The Lonely Sea

Dustin Lyon

Sound and the electromagnetic spectrum make up much of what you see, hear and perceive. This information is communicated to you through the medium of waves. These waves exist everywhere but we only experience a tiny fraction of them; approximately 0.0035%. This vast and boundless hidden world is all around us - welcome to the lonely sea.
Dustin has been fascinated with waves for as long as he can remember but what interests him the most is how and why we perceive them at all. All of our senses are tuned to specific wavelengths within the spectrum, dictating how we experience the world and more importantly allowing us to survive and flourish. Everything you have ever said and heard, the art you have seen and everything you have felt, were sent to you on a wave. This exhibition intends to reveal this hidden world and showcase waves in all their glory.

About the Artist

Dustin applies physics and mathematics to break down structures; creating abstractions with the mechanics of sound and vision. Science is both a framework and a methodology for him. He deconstructs the narrative of science’s dependability, exposing the elegance of it’s fragility. He confronts and manipulates perception to discover how the world may be viewed by an unbiased meta-eye. Engagement and interactivity are essential to much of Dustin’s practice as the multiplicity of perceptions, sensorial experience and primordial responses are key to engaging with many of his projects.