We Fight for the Future of Our Nation

Anna FC Smith

‘We Fight for The Future of Our Nation’ is a digital video and sculpture installation exploring what constitutes ‘the mob’. The work takes inspiration from speeches given by Keir Hardie M.P. in the 1900s at theatres on King Street, Wigan, which are now night clubs. The installation will feature over 150 Toby Jugs, some of which are being made by members of the local community.

About the Artist

Anna FC Smith has a longstanding obsession with the overlooked in history, folk culture, and communal traditions. As a practitioner she locates herself between artist, historian and anthropologist, with historical and anthropological research forming the basis of much of her work. Through her practice Smith celebrates ‘low culture’ relating with concepts of the carnivalesque, bawdiness, irreverence and ambivalence. She explores the role of history and the archive and the links contemporary society has with its predecessors.