Ellie Wyatt


Ellie Wyatt is an artist and educator based in London. Her practice seeks to question how particular visual and textual languages (such as instructions, diagrams & photographs) are used to tell truth(s) and to validate dominant narratives. Working from found imagery and text, her work manifests as installation, publication, moving image and printed matter.​

Ellie sees education and participation as a crucial strand of her practice, and has run exploration projects, talks and workshops with organisations including Drawing Room London, Chisenhale Studios, the RCA and the National Saturday Club. She has exhibited her visual practice at spaces including Kingsgate Project Space, Southwark Park Galleries, John Hansard Gallery and recently in online exhibition Plicnik D02.2.

Ellie will use her time on the residency at Wigan STEAM to make new works that explore historical and contemporary representations of the future. Interested in both the history of space exploration and data visualisation, she will draw particularly on research around the Pioneer Plaque Diagram and the Golden Record as a means of investigating our relationship with speculation and planetary outreach.

As part of the residency Ellie will also lead an educational project with young people, focusing on diagrams and symbols as systems for sharing knowledge. Through collaboration, discussion, play and making, the group will navigate how these systems can be used to communicate with future audiences, and how they can represent and impact their personal hopes for that future.

Works generated by Ellie during the residency and those created in collaboration with the young people will be installed together in an exhibition, alongside some of Ellie’s research and source material. The exhibition will seek to pose questions about how diagrams and images impact how we view narratives around the future, whilst looking for new ways of shaping futures through collaborative action.