Emily Robson


Emily Robson is a hand loom weaver and watercolour painter who creates collections of cloth based upon seascapes and other artefacts she collects from the seaside. With her handwoven cloth, she creates accessories designed to be cherished by the consumer for years to come and sells them through her brand, Swell. Sustainability is a huge factor in her work, and she only uses natural fibres such as wool, cotton, nettle, seaweed and pineapple. Emily is passionate about being part of the next generation of textile designers working to create a more planet friendly industry.

Wigan was a huge weaving hub in the 1800s. Although the subject of Emily’s practice is usually the British Coastline, during her residency she will be researching the history and heritage of weaving in Wigan and creating a collection of cloth inspired by her findings. She will move her hand loom into the gallery, to allow visitors to observe her weaving and speak to her about the craft’s cultural history. Emily will also be doing some workshops to give people the chance to try weaving out for themselves.