Rebecca Sammon


British Artist Rebecca Sammon’s bold, poetic pieces pulse with vibrant immediacy. Often Rebecca’s pieces are inspired by nature and the human form within abstracted landscapes, moving from themes of mythical narrative into the more ambiguous, fluid space of uncertainty. The balance of delicate figures is often layered with varied marks where shapes, florals and imagined landscapes emerge.

Rebecca Sammon is a British Artist originally from the North West of England. Rebecca studied Fine Art at the University of Brighton, Painting at Kansas City Art Institute and Drawing Intensive at The Royal Drawing School, London. Rebecca currently lives and works in London.

Rebecca says: “My residency will explore my connection to Wigan, my figures will inhabit spaces formed from memory with a grounding in some of the landmarks and experiences that were an important part of my life in the North West. The body of work I would like to create will involve representations of my figures interacting in places in Wigan that have meaning to me. The ‘locations’ will be linked through interpreted landscapes and a collection will be presented as a series of drawings completed throughout my time in residency in the gallery.”

In addition to the physical show, Rebecca will take a group of people on a workshop drawing day where they will spend some time outside working from landscapes and scenes used for the pieces in her exhibition. As part of the workshop, the group will then head back to the gallery to consider placing figures within the spaces they studied. This body of work links Rebecca’s imagined figures and fantasy worlds to elements from locations in and around Wigan - connecting the characters from her mythical worlds to her hometown.