terra:form are a multimedia art and community engagement collective based in the North West.

Jack Davenport is an audio engineer, visual artist and music producer. Exploring his vast interest in modern visual art mediums such as film, animation and interactive video, Jack has produced a variety of visual works for gigs and nightclubs, as well as music videos and promotional content. Jack’s quickfire attitude to creating and reappropriating art has led to several opportunities to remix songs for artists around the country, as well as publishing his own musical works online.

Oliver Halstead is a photographer, filmmaker & multimedia artist. His work encompasses a variety of topics and subjects, including portraits, landscapes, street scenes, documentaries and abstract film. Having originally trained as a musician and audio engineer, Oliver has increasingly extended his creative capabilities toward visual mediums, whilst maintaining a sense of candid authenticity and naturalistic intrigue throughout his work.

Harry Ovington creates sonic work that combines the use of field recordings and data sonification with analogue synthesis and environmental information. His initial practice began in composition but has developed to include performance, locative audio, landscape sculpture and sound art installations. Harry’s primary interest is in creating works which communicate environmental information through artistic expression and that allow a space for audience engagement and heightened environmental understandings. Immersing himself in acoustic spaces of natural phenomena, his mission is to reconstruct these spaces in ways that provoke reconnection with our planet and inspire rural creativity.

During their residency, terra:form will be working on a non-narrative documentary film, which will seek to explore the dichotomy between the contrasting rural and urban landscapes of historic Lancashire, whilst also examining the juxtaposition of social and cultural values held within the county. The film will consist of three elements; photography/videography, abstracted, digital visual art and musical compositions consisting of soundscape & electroacoustic music. The film will consist of three elements; high quality photography/videography material, abstracted, digital visual art and musical compositions consisting of soundscape & electroacoustic music. In order to conceptualise the ideas within this piece, the daily interactions between humans and the natural world will serve as the primary focus that presents a deconstruction of how communities within Lancashire value their surroundings and what parts of their cultural heritage still remain imperative to preserve. Using recordings of conversations and memories from the local community, they hope to highlight any want for social and environmental changes within the county community.

You can follow terra:form’s progress during their residency over on their Instagram @terraformarts.

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