Ula Fung


Ula Fung is an artist from Hong Kong, she studied in Hong Kong but now lives and practices locally in Leigh. Her work has been exhibited in Hong Kong, York, Manchester and Liverpool. Ula thinks of her art practice like daily exercise. She believes that concentrating on repeating practice can help one to understand and improve their inner-self. This is the concept from the Zen practice of Buddhism - sweeping leaves; folding duvets; cooking and eating simple meals. Primarily a painter, her work reorganises, deconstructs and modifies fragments from her life, her subtle emotions, insignificant scenes and ordinary objects.

During lock-down, Ula found solace in the spaces around the canals which stretch across Wigan and Leigh. The beauty is not just in the way these places look, but in the feeling you get when you are there - it can feel somewhat like a fantasy, people smile more and say hello. She observes that people use it to perhaps wash out their emotions, they carry out their daily routines whether they're fishing, cycling or walking - they're all in a place that brings them comfort. It's almost a form of meditation. The surroundings of the canal will change with the seasons and the weather but the water will always be a calming constant.

During her residency, she will cycle along the canal from Leigh to Wigan, documenting her observations, senses, and experiences along the way. Once arriving at the studio Ula will produce a series of paintings using natural pigments based on her journey.