Community Workshop

We’re passionate about building a supportive, inclusive community of makers, artists, crafters, and inventors who want to share skills, support each other, and have fun through making.

The STEAM Shed is our community workshop, fitted with equipment such as laser cutter, 3D printer, kiln, and screenprinting kit. 

You can book to use the workshop in three-hour time slots. One slot is £7.50. This fee not only gives you access to our facilities, but supports our community projects and goes towards making Wigan a better place to live.  

To find out more take a look at our STEAM Shed Guide and Covid Secure Procedures which includes our rules, terms and conditions, 




Equipment and Facilities in the workshop include: 

  • Shared working space

  • Project storage

  • Ultimaker 3D printer 

  • Laser Cutter 

  • Kiln

  • Potters wheel

  • Screen printing kit - screens, inks, exposure materials

  • Sewing machine 

  • Consumable items such as clay, electronics components, 3D printing filament, textiles, arts materials. 


Equipment Inductions

Before you can use any equipment in the workshop you must do an introductory workshop for that specific activity. This is to ensure that you’re using equipment safely, and that you understand the basics of the materials you’re using. We run these introductory sessions regularly throughout the year, to find out about upcoming sessions visit our Eventbrite page and book a ticket. Introductory sessions are £20 per person.




Under 18s are not currently permitted to use the workshop. Vulnerable adults must be accompanied by a carer or PA at all times. Please ensure that you book for two people so that we continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines. A 50% discount will be applied to the carer or PA. 


Before booking please read the STEAM Shed Guide  and Covid Secure Procedures which lists all of the rules, terms and conditions we’ve set out for people who use the space.   

In order for us to adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times we have introduced a booking system. Booking slots are three hours long and run from 10am - 1pm and 1pm - 4pm, during our opening hours - Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm. A maximum of four people will be able to book to use the space at once. 

Please note that vulnerable adults must be accompanied by a carer or PA at all times. Please ensure that two slots are booked to cover both adults attending. A 50% discount will be applied to the carer or PA. 


If you’d like to book the laser cutter please book a Community Workshop slot and a Lasercutter slot. 


To book, go to


How to Pay


A half-day in the workshop is £7.50. On booking you will be sent a link to pay for your slot. If you accrue any material costs, these should be paid at the end of your session before you leave.



If you’re interested in using the workshop but have questions or just want to say hello and see the space before you use it for the first time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on